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I am speechless right now. I don't even know where or how to start. This is a miracle. I don't want or mean to be TMI with you, but the very next day after our conversation, what I was lacking in order to become fertile, what caused this whole stir in first place... came to me.


I hadn't menstruated in around 5 months and it came back last night. You worked on my issue and explained that the problem was due to an energy block. You said that it would be going away quickly, but I almost fell over when it was as soon the very next day. I mean, it really is a miracle.


I say that I'll need another few months to see if I stable out and that my body can sustain the rhythm, but the peace and quiet inside my heart and mind right now has completely taken over. It was almost like as soon as I got the green light to not worry about anything, it all went away. I have you to thank for that.


May God bless you in all that you do.

                                 Samantha Nguyen

This 20 minute healing session will help to release and clear any energy blockages that may be preventing you from functioning optimally. Energy levels will be raised, awareness heightened, fatigue eliminated, emotional cleansing and calming, release from negative energy that has attached itself to your aura. A complete revitalization of your energy and spirit. Takes only 20 minutes to get the process started.  $40

This service is for:  Cleansing of space and land, elimination of negative energies and entities, evil spirits, protection against spiritual attack, enemies and unwelcomed ghosts or entities, cleansing of traumatic energy or negative energy in your space or land.

Heal your spaces with an extreme energy cleaning, clearing, charging, and blessing. There may be negative energies intentionally and purposely limiting your joy and keeping you from prospering the way God wants you to.  Clear negative energy, energy blocks, negative entities, ghosts, malevolent energies, and evil spirits. Release any traumatic pain, stress, or fearful energy trapped in your spaces either from current inhabitants or prior inhabitants of that space. This service includes a free 30 minute consultation. Pictures of the areas, spaces, rooms, or buildings to be cleared will need to be provided prior to clearing of the space. $199.00

This service is for: Spell destroying, curse breaking, generational curse breaking, addiction release, hex destroyer, protection from evil spirits, protection against spiritual attack, enemies and unwelcomed ghosts or entities.  If you feel like you are under some form of spiritual attack or dealing with negative spirits and ghosts, don't worry. I can help.

Have hope, have faith, With this intense and terribly powerful spell breaking, curse breaking, hex destroying, black magic eliminating session you will be completely released from any and every power of darkness that has been formed against you, your finances, your life, your joy, your happiness, your family, your spirit. Not only will you be released from the grip of these negative, jealous and covetous energies, All the mental, emotional, and spiritual damage that has occurred to you as a result of these energies, will be healed and corrected. $199.00




A Healing Testimonial

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