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Holiday season is here. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween. Bless you and your loved ones. A quick message today about striving. What are you striving for? In all of your striving you may achieve the heights of existence, nice jewelry, fame, money, and the praise of all, but it's worth nothing if that was your only intention behind the striving. If you strive only for the material things, relevance, and money, without striving to be a giving, compassionate person, who cares about treating everyone fairly and equally, you've become a heaping pile of dog poop and your striving amounts to nothing in terms of your spiritual development; and in the eyes of God.

No matter if you are rich or poor, purple, green, young, old, male, female, or a little bit of both, you've wasted your life if you aren't striving to develop your heart towards kindness, compassion, and doing good deeds. The same is true if your mind is only focused on more ways to remain relevant, greedy, and selfish. 

You haven't even reached spiritual preschool in your development if you are harboring biased views such as being a man hater, or a woman hater, or a yellow hater or a red hater, or a truth hater. If you are still stuck on these types of things, you have absolutely no understanding of God. You can't even consider yourself to be "spiritual." You can claim it all day long, but in truth, you have no understanding. 

Halloween is a really good time to think about where you are in your spiritual development. Of course, some holidays, have some sketchy historical details about them, if you dig deep enough; you can always find out it was related to something crazy in the past. It's kind of like the word "pussy," or "gay," respectively, in the first case, pussy can mean a cute furry little animal, but it can also mean a part of the human female anatomy. Maybe that wasn't the best example, but you get my point. In the second case, "gay" can mean happy and light hearted, foolish, or homosexual. It has multiple meanings. Words like these are called "homographs." They are words that are spelled exactly the same way, but have different meanings.

One meaning can be considered superior with a pure intent, meaning devoid of any lower desires, like sex, envy, fame, clout, hatred, killing, greed, stealing, murder etc., and are considered family friendly and appropriate for all ages, and the other can be considered inferior, kind of like when chicks tell a dude to get his mind out of the gutter. The gutter normally meaning, sex, but can include things like, greed, killing, fame, clout, stealing, hatred, envy, blah blah blah, you get my point. 

The same goes for Holidays. Yep, if you dig deep enough you will find that that some holiday meanings grow and change over time. I just focus on the vibe or the "intent" behind the movement. Halloween is mostly a fun time, a reason to dress up, be silly, have fun, get some free candy, and meet the neighbors or their kids. That is the superior focus. If I focus on any negative stuff associated with it, or even the real meaning, that would be an inferior focus; especially, if I can see that the majority of the people are vibing out to the holiday as a fun time for play, dress up and it contributes to community harmony or harmony amongst the people, and is not meant as an attempt to disparage or disadvantage any particular demographic, including heterosexuals and cisgender people. Superior focus when vibing out with a human would be to focus on all the things devoid of any of the lower desires, and the inferior focus would be on things including all of those lower desires.

The question is, what would you like people to focus on when they meet you? Would you like me to focus on your superior attributes and qualities or your inferior ones? Are you violent or peaceful? Hostile or friendly, are you cool, or are you a hypocrite? I will accommodate you either way, without judgment or hesitation, and I will let you tell me and show me what you want me to focus on about you. That will either be your superior attributes and qualities or your inferior attributes and qualities. The choice is yours.

One day, maybe not far from now, your world may literally be filled with little people who appear to be really different than what you are used to seeing. The only difference is these little people won't be wearing costumes. They won't be playing make believe. They won't be able to shed their skin or appearance and trade it in for another. When you see all of the little ones with all of their differences and the diverse array of potential beings coming up to your doorstep asking for candy, will you be in spiritual preschool, and become instantly biased, fearful, and hateful, simply relying on negative and unfounded rumors about these children and their species, or will you remain spiritually minded, and remember God? Will you be able to transcend their appearance and focus on their intent or the content of their character? (MLK, the only milk that doesn't expire.)

Whether they are human or non-human, one thing they will have in common with humans, is they will want you to either focus on their superior qualities and attributes or their inferior ones. They will identify themselves based on EITHER their superior attributes and qualities or their inferior ones. In general, normally, children’s focus is superior to most adults because their focus is devoid of lower desires, or hate based on gender or color, or title, or position, or status or concern for unsolicited information about your sexual, attractions, desires and preferences. Frankly they don't care, nor should they, and of course we should allow kids the freedom to be free from all of those adult sicknesses while they are still undefiled, pure, and free. I'm referencing preschoolers, and grade schoolers, not older teens and beyond. Although they are superior in most ways concerning focus, children are generally inferior than adults when it comes to envy. 

Will you be able to practice kindness, generosity, compassion, and fight off feelings of fear and hate? Halloween is a perfect time to consider this scenario. It will also be a good way to tell where you are at spiritually. Halloween is a good time to meditate on the near future and all of the possibilities it holds. It's a good time to check your temperature, spiritually speaking. When the world changes in this way, will you be the run of the mill Karen for whatever you are biased against, like men, or women, or orange people, heterosexuals, people who have tattoos, or translucent people? Or will you truly be able to actually call yourself a "spiritual" person who has some knowledge of God? Meaning, you act like you know "something," about equality, fairness, right, wrong, love and hate, and act for the benefit of all beings and not just the ones that belong to your little tribe.

Whether that tribe is blue, or green, or short or tall, or you like having sex with pumpkins. Whatever tribe you identify with, that doesn't free you from the same responsibility as everyone else. That responsibility being, treating everyone fairly, without bias or hate, and with respect and common courtesy and not being an asshole. If you scream and march for equal treatment for your tribe only but remain silent when your advantage means a disadvantage to another tribe, you are a hypocrite.

If you are a woman who belongs to the sex with pumpkins tribe and want equal treatment, but find it completely acceptable to hate men who don't have sex with pumpkins, you are a hypocrite, and a narcissist, and  all narcissist are under demonic influence, they need to be freed from that form of demonic possession a.k.a. delusional mind/delusional thinking. Don't even try to call yourself spiritual or misrepresent God with your hatred. It's the same hatred that you profess to stand against, but you remain silent and actually engage in hatred towards another tribe? You are the poster child for hypocrisy, narcissism, and demonic possession, and you need to check yourself. You are no different than any of the other various HATE GROUPS that exist in the world, that truly spiritual and God knowing humans have been working to eradicate from their world. Because of your narcissism however, you believe yourself to be of sound mind and intellect, or in layman’s terms, you think your shit don't stink, because you wear pink, but everyone else's does. 

Who will you be? Imagine this Halloween season, that this is the scenario and the reality of your new world. What will you be? A Karen for your bias of choice, a hypocrite who magically forgets the mental gutter you came from or still live in, or a spiritually minded, God centered person? These are interesting things to learn about yourself during Halloween season, have fun, be safe, I'm praying for you and your loved ones, and hope to hear from you soon, and God bless you. 

Yours Truly,

Psychic Harold. 
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