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Happy Easter everyone. Hope everyone is keeping safe. I had a quick message come through today about forgiving yourself. I spoke to a customer the other day who had lost a child in a tragic accident. The child was 7 years old, and was killed while riding her new bicycle. This incident happened nearly 10 years ago, but I could hear the pain in this woman’s voice. She was still crying to this day and sobbing as though it just happened a few days ago. I just listened patiently to get the rest of the story. The girl was riding her bike in traffic and was struck by a truck.


 As the story progressed, I finally realized why the lady was so distraught over the incident, even 10 years later. She was the one who bought the bicycle for the little girl, about 2 weeks before the accident. She connected the dots of the incident and had come to the conclusion, that if she had not purchased the bike for the little girl, she’d still be alive, and the incident accident would have been avoided. So, she’s basically been blaming herself for her child’s death. God’s message today is for all of those people who’ve been shouldering the blame for some misfortune that other’s have suffered because of something you did, unintentionally. If you’ve been connecting the dots and realized that your actions might have contributed to some misfortune for others and you’ve been blaming yourself, God says to stop doing that. Stop blaming yourself.


I then came to understand while the message was coming in, that when freak accidents and freak events happen like that, it’s really nobody’s fault. God was explaining, just as I was explaining to the mother, that whether she had a bike or not, she was still scheduled to die. Like we all are. My exact communication to the mother, from God, was basically, if it hadn’t been a bike, it might have been skates, and if not skates, a skate board, and if not a skate board, a ball in the street, if not a ball, a piece of paper she was chasing. Either way, she was scheduled to end her time on this plane, at that time. That’s just like Jesus, he had a schedule, he was aware all the while, when and how he would pass. He was also aware that the end was only an illusory end or end seeming. He knew that the end represented a new beginning somewhere else. Mark 16: 1-20


 I remember speaking to the mother in this story and at some point, her dead daughter decided to come through and speak directly to the mother. She started telling her mother about all the cool things the mother used to do for her, that she really appreciated. She expressed her anger at the mother for not having moved on from the incident and kept repeating to her, “God’s time, not your time.” “God’s time, not your time.” She was trying to tell her mother, that their time together wasn’t really determined so much by what either of them really wanted, but more so what God had scheduled for their lives. Their time on earth wasn’t really determined by what they wanted, but more of what their schedule was. There is a clock in time and a clock out time, and honestly the boss determines when you are done.  (Could that be true for romantic relationships too?)


She was trying to convey this message to her mother, and now God wants to convey this message to you today. Stop blaming yourself for things that truly were beyond your control. Sometimes it’s not so much about the bike or the car you buy for someone who dies in an accident. Sometimes it’s just scheduled, or literally meant to happen. Or according to God, there’s nothing you could have done to have prevented it from going down.


Sometimes you do make mistakes. Sometimes you make mistakes that cause lots of damage and harm to other people. God was bringing my attention to that kind of stuff too. Like making a distinction between mistakes done intentionally and mistakes being done in innocent/ ignorance without malicious intent. Let’s say you give a cat milk to drink. It causes the cat to die.


 You were really only doing what you “thought” was correct, normal, everyday, acceptable behavior if you want to be cool to a cat. You see that stuff on tv, in movies, you might have seen someone do it in your own neighborhood. Truth is though, milk isn’t really good for cats, it can actually cause lots of health issues for a cat. But did you know that when you gave the cat milk? No, your “heart” was in a good space when you did what you did and that’s the difference. Although a mistake that led to someone’s death, your ignorance is kind of overlooked karmically. It’s overlooked because your “heart” wasn’t in that space. Just like the woman who bought the bike for the child. Her heart wasn’t in the space to cause harm or death to anyone.


 This is why God wants you to forgive yourself today. Today’s Easter message is about forgiving yourself for mistakes you’ve made in ignorance. Or mistakes you felt like you made after you metaphorically bought that kid or that friend or loved one or stranger that bike. God says let it go. God understands the whole story, not just a part of it.


God understand the whole scene, not just the headline. God understands your heart. Let go of that pain and that rage. Let go of that frustration. Block out those thoughts of having failed someone in ignorance. Use the experience, no matter how tragic to encourage others to maybe ride bikes with their kids in places where there aren’t streets and traffic, or to be more diligent in training the kids to stay off the street and get back on the sidewalk. It’s of course much easier said than done.


Take your time, hear God’s message today, and try to work through your pain with this message, at your own pace.  I guess the reason God wants you to forgive yourself, is because he will forgive you for these kinds of things. Karma is karma, but God is very understanding and can adjust your karma according to the circumstance. Just like a good and fair judge.  


Happy Easter 2021,

Psychic Harold Rose

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