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Psychic Harold



Another quick message on Father’s Day today:


God put it on my mind to talk about how people treat each other in relationships and co-parenting, after the romance is gone and the relationship is over. Today on Father’s Day we want to focus on the dudes who are stepping up; but while they step up, someone is trying to tear them down. This goes for all of them, biological fathers, step dads, boyfriends who step up, single moms, single fathers, spiritual fathers, big brothers who have to fill those shoes for their own siblings, even grandfathers and uncles.  You know what I mean, whoever that dude is in your crew. 


There are some men and women who are putting forth a mammoth effort to help and do their part when it comes to these kids. But a lot of times there are people lurking in the background that actually try and work against those efforts. You know, like the biological mother in the movie “Daddy’s little girls.” When you make a conscious effort to interfere with and hinder the progress of that Parent that is actually doing the job that you decide not to, whether male or female, biological or not, you are going to be punished.


You will receive God’s wrath and you will also be adding to your own negative karma. So basically, not only does God not approve of that kind of behavior, God wants everyone to know that this is some bad karma that you are accumulating. It's really a detriment to self. So, for all of those who chose to help out, God is actually supporting your efforts, and wants to get any haters off your path to actually helping and supporting these children.


 So, if you are a female and you are constantly trying to sabotage the efforts of your baby daddy, you should maybe rethink that. If you are a dude trying to sabotage the efforts of your baby momma, you should rethink that. If you are male or female trying to sabotage the relationship of an estranged lover or baby momma or daddy, you should rethink that. If you and the other parent split, it’s not right to get jealous of your baby daddy when he moves on and wants to see his kids without seeing you, or wants to take his kids out to eat and doesn’t want you to come. And, it’s not right for the baby daddy to get jealous of the woman when she wants to move on, and go and do something with the kids, without him. And an extra special note for all them kids out there that think they are slick and try to break up the parent’s relationships with the new woman or the man, because you mad that your mom and dad ain’t together no more. Or you are playing that game where you try to play your parents against each other. you are not going to escape God either. If you are old enough to play that game, you are old enough to feel the consequences of playing that game. Your parents may not be smart enough to figure out what you are doing, but someone else is.


You’re not going to just get away scot-free, if you play that game with someone, you’re eventually going to get burned. God will punish you, whether you believe it or not. Sooner or later, your karma will catch up with you.


Lastly, there are a lot of people that don’t get enough credit for stepping up. I’m always big on making sure those people are brought to light. I’m not sure, who I’m speaking to today, but God wants to really send a thank you out to all the big brothers that stepped up and filled the Father figure role for their own siblings, for whatever reason.


 A lot of times Media can make Fatherhood seem like a stroll through Disney Land, and that’s what you hope for, it’s really ideal. But a lot of times it’s not easy and Father’s are going through hell trying to be Fathers. To be honest, single mothers are too. The reality of parenting can be daunting, but don't give up. It really is one of those "learn as you go," type things. So don't give up and don't be too hard on yourself if you make a few mistakes along the way. You'll have plenty of distractors and people that point fingers at you without offering the slightest bit of actual knowledge or assistance to help you on your path. That is really an evil spirit. That is the spirit of condemnation, and that's neither from God or the true spirit of Love. 


 No matter who is disparaging you, just remember to keep your head held high and that God is watching you.

You know, sometimes you might feel like no one see's the work that you are doing. There are other people trying to take credit for all your hard work. I see this a lot in co-parenting situations. Remember karma is like a savings account that you can bank on in the future. Whatever effort you are putting forth may go unnoticed or unacknowledged by humans, but God see's what you've been doing. Better believe you'll be rewarded properly for it somewhere down the line. 


I met a young man named Danny in his late 20s this week, needing a little assistance trying to understand how to make a transition in his life. He felt like it was definitely time for him to change the game and try doing things a different way. He’s in the process of trying to distance himself from his former environment and start over fresh somewhere new. He was dealing with so many of the vices and traps that young men fall into. Drugs, violence, money issues, females provoking and purposely trying to start wars between himself and other fellows she was double dealing, bad influences, and friends up to no good, trying to get him involved. These are all setups or traps that you have to avoid. He was really trying to understand how to turn towards God and what God wanted him to do. He had recently had a near death experience by way of an apartment building that caught on fire.

 He’s trying to be a father while he’s also trying to raise himself out of some really challenging circumstances. This is something that happens to a lot of newbie fathers from all walks of life. You just don’t hear about it a lot.  If you are someone going through this kind of stuff, my advice is for you is to keep making strides to create the life you want for yourself and keep God in your rearview mirror at all times. If there’s a full moon out and the night and the street start calling you, don’t answer. I know you might get that "itch" to return to our old neighborhood or your old ways. Do yourself a favor and Lock yourself in the house if you have to. Visit but don’t stay if you absolutely must answer the call.  Get a night job along with the day job or vice versa.  Make some noodles or something. Call your big brother, I’m here. Definitely invest in a gym, or some gym equipment, treadmill, weights, or a bike. My point is, just stay busy being productive and creative. 

Just hang in there. Don't give up. Trust in God and you will be ok.  Have a little faith.

Just stay consistent, work hard, and don't get sidetracked by the nonsense. Try to be yourself when it seems like everyone else is trying hard to be someone they really aren't. I'll say this, if you are doing something you wouldn't want your own child to do when they grow up, then you should stop and not do it either. You are just as valuable as your seed. So love yourself enough to know when you are simply, doing too much or over doing it. You should strive to be just as healthy as your child as well. 

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