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Crown of Faith. Crown of belief

God wants you to understand that there are forces working against you to try and steal your crown. What is your crown though? When you believe in God you have the crown of faith. You believe in a God. That belief gives you hope and courage in the most challenging situations and circumstances. Even as you face death, your crown keeps you courageous because you understand and know that you are going to be with God at the end of the day, win lose or draw. You don’t know all the details, but you have some idea of the neighborhood you are going to land in, based on your belief. You landed here and have no idea how you got here. You just woke up and you were here. The crown of faith gives you the belief that there has to be more than just what you see. That God can and will intercede or intervene on your behalf.


What are the benefits of having that crown? Is it a burger king crown, just for show? Is it just for fun? People are smart. I mean you can’t just say “hey, there’s a crown of faith and you can get one,” “God is going to test your faith, patience, and the fight in you.”


It’s just as simple as that. That crown is the same as when different gangs, sororities, frats have identifying markers, colors, symbols, call signs or whatever, to help identify they are a part of the same team. You wear a crown, then God knows you are on the team. The angels know you are on the team. This is literally an energy that “they” can see on you if you are real. If you are sincere with God and you are really trying to be a good person, fair dealing, and sincerely trying to help others; and develop yourself spiritually, while believing in his existence and walking that walk and not just talking that talk, you are going to be a good candidate for that crown. The crown is available for all genders, all races, all backgrounds, all sexual orientations, if you would only believe.


That’s how God determines who gets on Noah’s Ark and who doesn’t. Your crown helps God find you out of the crowd. That helps the Angels spot you in a crowd. You have to think just like that. God ain’t gonna lead or guide everyone; only the ones who wear the crown and show that they are really down with him. And just like with any false flagger in a gang, God will pick up on that fake shit right away and you won’t receive the real benefits of possessing the crown.


 The realer you are about God and for God, the brighter your crown will shine. Is Covid the current flood plaguing the world? Is there some sort of cleansing process going on? Is the world being rid of some element? Why are older people more susceptible to it than younger ones? Is it possibly trying to wipe out some old, out dated, beliefs? Maybe trying to wipe out some kind of evil that exist in the minds of older generations? Are the younger generations more open minded? More tolerant of the differences amongst us all? Was this actually aimed at racism or old racists beliefs and the holders of those beliefs? Who really knows what’s going on? Is it targeting someone or some kind of human and not other kinds? Could these kinds of global viruses be just new examples of the flood spoken of in the bible? Is Noah’s Ark really a metaphor for who will survive and who won’t? Does faith play a role in who’s allowed to board the Ark or not? Does faith play a role in who even gets it or not?


How much easier will it be Angels to spot you in a crowd. Angels are not saving everybody. They aren’t coming to assist everybody. God is not coming to lead or guide those who don’t want to be led or just jump on the bandwagon of disbelief because it’s fun to do so. God doesn’t lead certain people or guide them, as a form of punishment. He purposely confuses them when they even think about God.


 It will never make sense to them because he literally doesn’t want them to know. I noticed a new skill emerging a couple of months ago and it’s pretty interesting. I have hundreds of books on my bookshelves, and noticed that they are just coming to me. Like I’ll have a vision while I’m typing or something and the book will just float out of the book shelf and land in front of me, then turn or flip to a certain page or chapter. It’s like a vision that happens while I’m doing something completely random.  Then I go and read the book. When I was crafting this message, I was led to a book called the Holy Qur’an. Chapter 16, titled “The Bee,” verses 97-100 basically explains some kind of benefit that you get when you actually have faith, or belief in God, or the crown of faith.


Verse 101 is really a quick snapshot of what any real prophets’ true purpose is. He or She is basically a witness to help bring peoples attention back to God or a higher-level prophet, whose purpose is to deliver an upgrade to a previous message, but at God’s direction. That’s Jesus, That’s Muhammad. That’s Buddha. That’s Guru Nanak. That’s famous ladies man Leon Phelps, “release your love with all you’ve got.”


That’s like every real prophet’s mission in a nutshell, they are the upgrade to the message. And there will always be a need for upgrades. Why? Because people are growing or evolving and so are their minds. As the hardware of the mind-computer of people evolves, there will undoubtedly need to be new software upgrades to go with the evolving mind or laptop. While we think we have all the knowledge of God, we might actually be still using floppy disks and cassette tapes and dial up internet. You can’t put software from the year 2999, on a computer created in 1999. Why? Because the computer won’t be able to handle it. You might be able to put software from the year 2999 on a computer created in 2999 though.


Another way to understand this concept of upgrades to the message of God, or prophets’ beings some kind of software in the game, is found in the bible verse John Chapter 1 verse 14. The word (software) became flesh. Why would it be coming in a body of flesh? Jesus was like a packaged delivered to our front door, directly from Amazon, Directly from God.


 He wrapped it and packaged it himself. The message was pure and untainted upon delivery, Jesus was an upgrade sent directly from God. Jesus went viral. He got lots of views and likes in his day. I guess you could say he was the supreme youtuber or something like that.



The laws of any land should also evolve as the people of the land evolve. Integrated schools, same sex marriage, religious freedom, equal rights, statutory rape, prohibition, marijuana?


There’s always gonna be new upgrades and new prophets. Verse 93 is all about how God will only guide, lead, instruct, and reveal to certain people. It also talks about how God will actually mislead you or leave you lost if you aren’t sincere and are only saying God this and God that, but aren’t really about being good to others.


Shout out to all the religious experts who have the courage to reconsider their positions with intelligence when being presented with new evidence, that clearly contradicts what they have been taught or exposed to. People forget that religious leaders are human and are constantly evolving like the rest of us. Children often forget the same about their elders. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed at the thought of reconsidering your current position about any of your doctrines or beliefs when you are being faced with clear evidence of some discrepancy or hypocrisy in your own doctrines. Have courage. Have faith. Don’t prolong a lie to save face. You get more respect when you simple admit you made a mistake. Don’t you think God knows your intentions were truly for him though? It’s ok. You can do the right thing.  


God cannot be confined to just one stream of thought, one gender, one sexual orientation, one tribe, one religion, or one doctrine no matter how hard people have tried to do that throughout history. You, as religious leaders, political leaders, any kind of leader, have the right and the permission to change your views and evolve your thinking as well.


You have the right to grow and evolve spiritually just like everyone else. You don’t have to stay stuck in some doctrine or belief that goes against your true nature. Come out of the closet. God wants you to. You have to have the courage to stand on your own though. That is your fight. Don’t apologize for shit that simply doesn’t make sense and you know it. You didn’t create it did you? Then why are you championing something you don’t even believe whole heartedly? If you only believe 77% of it, then let it be known. If you have a lion sitting in your driveway. Why try to act like it’s not there? God is definitely trying to show you something. If you act like you don’t see it, eventually you will be eating by the lion.


Don’t get caught up on the details though. The most important verse for this message is verse 97. That’s the one I need to draw your attention to. That is a universal theme in all religions that are truly from God. I’ll leave the details to the experts of those faiths, but for today, I was supposed to tell you about that. To help you understand the Crown of faith concept.


He doesn’t want them to have that kind of knowledge, because knowledge is power. Power can be abused. God doesn’t want certain people to have certain kinds of power because they will abuse it. He doesn’t want them to know because he doesn’t think they will act right even if they do. He doesn’t want to waste time on some people because he knows they ain’t really about that life to begin with. It’ all for show, or money, or to impress someone but it’s not really about God.


That crown gives you special benefits, assistance, support, protection, and guidance that you otherwise wouldn’t receive. But you have to be real about it. The relationship is kind of like Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson’s song, Show me Love. “If you don’t show me some lah-of(by wearing your crown or believing in me) you gets no lovin’ babe”


“Love” isn’t meant romantically. It’s like when you get hired. The company showed you love. When you get help with a flat tire, someone showed you love. When someone hooked you up with a loan or something, the bank showed you love. You’ve come under attack and someone was there to help you defeat your enemies. That’s love. Someone who died in battle to save you, that’s love.


When you are going through tough times, and a friend comes to comfort you, that’s someone showing you love.  In all facets of your life, you will get assistance, knowledge, guidance, or the kind of “love” that benefits you in some way; not necessarily romantically speaking. Love really meaning, “benefits.” Snoop is kind of expressing God’s attitude in his song. Like “recognize me and make sure you tell people what time it is, who I am, and what I did for you,”

“Show some gratitude, let em’ know I’ve been good to you.”


 When you have a good man, you want the world to know. When you have a fine ass woman, you want the world to know. Is God good? Is God fine? Has God been down like 4 flat tires from day 1. Is God a day 1? Then show some love. Recognize me. Sing a song, wear a hat, a shirt, a tie, put it on your car. Put it on your food. Sell some Good God Almighty Cookie’s or something. Do something. Recognize me though. Is weed legal in your neck of the woods? Sell some holy smoke. Do we have any God Gear yet? Any God laces for tennis shoes? Do we have any God funk cologne yet? What about some “God made this” right across the booty on some blue jeans? If I ever saw a pair of jeans like that, my only response would be, “God is really, really, really good.”


 Do we even have God flakes yet? Some breakfast? Do what you can in your own unique way to simply say, “Thank you God.” “God is real.” I believe.” We got Baby Gap, is it time for Baby God?


Show me that you understand and appreciate me. That’s all I really want is a little appreciation and recognition. I want to help you too.  If you feel like God deserves to be recognized, then go ahead and where your crown. Don’t be ashamed that you are down with God, be happy, be honored that you wear that crown. You should feel like you just won the lottery when you get down with God. This is something that has benefits. It might seem like car insurance. Hopefully you never need it. But what happens if you get into a car accident? You sure will be wishing you had it. God is better than Geico, and Geico is good.


Why would someone want to rob you of your crown?

Because they are aware that there truly is some power, benefit, or protection that comes along with that. It gives you hope. And if you truly believe, you aren’t operating in life like you won’t have to answer to God for how you been living and treating other people. The person who doesn’t want you to have your crown, is the same person who doesn’t want you to be a happy. Someone who doesn’t want you to succeed. Someone who doesn’t want peace, harmony, or good vibes to come your way or to be in your life. People wearing the crown in the past and the present are responsible for so much assistance to the downtrodden all over the globe. Unsung heroes operating in the shadows, because they are interested in the mission and not fame. Shouts out to all of you.


Someone or some “thing” wants us all to fight and hate one another or go to war with one another. The thing that all of those who possess the crown have in common, no matter, gender, race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation, is basically the believe the will have someone to answer to. They will be held accountable for their actions and treatment of others in life. They believe there will be consequences for the foul shit we did in life, even if done in secret. They believe in a higher power. They don’t really want to hurt anybody. They TRULY want to be fair to everyone. They want peace, love, and harmony for all, not just for a few. They acknowledge God and want to find a way to be right with God. To get right with God. Who wouldn’t want that?


The problem is (Damn, I just heard the Winans, question is)

Evil loves to see people angry and angry at one another. Evil loves disharmony, strife, dissention amongst the people, war, violence, and fear. It’s almost as though it’s a drug or something. Like Demons like this kind of stuff because it literally get’s them high. Whatever this “thing” is, it really enjoys all things negative, toxic, violent, and things that create heightened emotions of fear, trauma, hate, anger, rage, so it does the most to keep that shit in the air at all costs.


Mostly the devil loves to manipulate people into going to war with one another; or simply manipulate you into becoming unhinged. It’s like a female who cries rape and wasn’t actually raped. She goes and tells all her brothers, her boyfriend, all the cops, that it was you who raped her. You don’t even know the bitch. And just like that, the war has begun. The devil just played a bunch of dudes, and someone will most likely die and someone else will most likely get thrown under the jail. Somebody else is going to riot, there will be court proceedings. It’s gonna be a shit show. All the while little miss rape victim is on a beach somewhere sunbathing. See, that’s how the devil works.


If those men had only turned to God just for a second before rushing to judgment, the devil’s plans could have been averted. None of them could spot the devil though. All they saw was ass, titties and a sob story that wasn’t true. Maybe it was a little kid claiming to be abused. Maybe it’s a crooked cop. Maybe it’s your own momma or someone in your family. Maybe it’s a coworker, or a frenemy. They basically cry wolf, when there never was a wolf. Why? So, they can get high off the drama that ensues.


You know who they are. The liars, the backstabbers, and the betrayers. So, before you go to war with someone over the technicalities and details of your philosophies, religions, beliefs, etc., differing points of view, or your rushed judgements, look at the bigger picture and try and figure out if someone is really just playing you and your perceived enemy.


Rape is some seriously foul shit, but lying about being raped, is super-duper foul. People who lie about being raped or molested or abused, are worse than the rapist him or herself. You might as well just go ahead and buy your ticket to hell now.


Pack a lunch because you’ll be there for a while. At least as long as the time someone else would have gotten for your lie. That always bothered me. Why is it that when a girl cries rape, but she lying and people can prove it, why doesn’t she get sentenced to the same amount of time that the guy would have done if her lie succeeded?


She’s now free to go and pursue her next victim. That shouldn’t be the case. Hopefully one day they get that lie detector stuff down to 100 percent accuracy and make it mandatory for EVERY MUTHAFUCKING THING. Lie detectors should be a household item like a microwave or a broom. We should call it The Truthinator or something. Like the Terminator. How would something like that effect parenting?


What are some of the tactics used to steal your crown?

There are many tactics the devil uses to rob you of your crown, but today God only wanted me to focus on one: having the wrong expectation of him and life. Not having the right view of things. Not putting forth the right effort in life. Not having the right concentration on your problems in life.


One of the main ways the devil tries to rob you of your crown of faith

is to simply make you not believe in God or God’s power. I think a lot of the disbelief in God comes from a space of people who’ve gone through mountains of pain, loss, negativity, hardship in life, discrimination and mistreatment, in spite of attempting to believe in God. They don’t seem to have any evidence to support the claim that there is a God. God explained to me that it makes perfect sense. People are practical. Atheist, non-believers in general, strictly scientific types, and people still undecided, all make sense.  


He explains that he can understand how and why people come to not believe.  People have commons sense, usually. Not always. Common sense would suggest that if there was a God, then all this fucked up shit wouldn’t be happening in the world, or to me, or to my loved ones. I wouldn’t struggle financially. I wouldn’t have lost this or that persons to death or illness or even lost a child or loved one to some senseless murder or crime. I didn’t win my court case and still got fired and evicted, even though I was praying my ass off.


How in the hell are you peddling God in a day and age like today?

People dying all around, people hungry, murder everywhere you turn. “Get on out of here with all that God nonsense.”  Right?


God has been erroneously associated with bias, and discrimination, outright lying and people fudging his real words and history for political positioning, selfishness or personal gain. Even wars in the name of God that haven’t actually been sanctioned by God.

Anybody who doesn’t buy into those religions that say they are the only ones with knowledge, their god is the only true god, their religion, prophets or prophesies are the last ones the earth will ever receive and so on and so on. Women are less than, or this color is greater than or this race is less than. It’s all bullshit. That is someone tainting God’s true message over history to cheat or to make people believe these differences exist amongst the people. That’s some Lance Armstrong shit. Every religious, philosophical, or pseudo-scientific doctrine that leans towards this group or that group or demographic, being better or worse, chosen, cursed, etc. All of that is the same spirit that possessed people like Hitler. Demons always be like, “I’m better than you.” Or “hmmm, I wonder how I can make some money off this shit?” or “hmmm I wonder how I can rule the world with this knowledge?” How can I hold the world ransom for one MILLION dollars? (dr. evil style) That’s how and where the bullshit creeps into the original messages. It’s some man or somethings greed and personal agenda that changes the original message. It’s Fake News” Trump will be famous for that. Not getting all political or nothin,’ just saying, that statement and that concept applies to how all religions that play that better than, chosen race shit are victims of fake news. God’s message of Love in its purest form, has been tainted by fake news.


God helps people and gives them knowledge, then they turn around and plagiarize his whole style without giving him the credit. Rebellious students of God always be like, “let me explain to you how the universe works. I discovered this all on my own.” I went deep inside and understood the mechanisms of the universe and corn chips as well.”  They forget where they got the knowledge though. They sound just like Eddie Murphy in Trading Places, trying to convince his cell mates he knew karate. Lmaoooooo. “I’m a KuhRoddy man!” I’ve learned from people and experts from all faiths. I’ve learned from people from all walks of life from every race, religion, gender and sexual orientation. I’ve learned from God. All praise goes to God. All credit goes to God. All the blame doesn’t go to god though.


 They want fame and fortune and the accolades that truly belong to God; for themselves. (Hold on a second, let me pose for a selfie) That’s like you raising a child for 20 years, on your own, then the baby daddy or baby momma shows up and tries to take credit for all your work; as though they were really there. Lol. And where were they really at?


 On the beach sunbathing. They didn’t do shit. That’s like Milli Vanilli. Nah, I’m trying to give credit to the person behind the true prophets. I’m trying to give credit to the originator of the message. Same thing when people talk about Jesus. He came to edit God’s message and bring him to the forefront again. He came to help us understand the coach and the team that we don’t see. He was just the team representative at the time.


Everyone knew that master race shit was bullshit, and when you prove it to them, they live in denial about the shit. That is a demonic spirit and you can see examples of that in nearly all religions on the planet. It was a direct attack on Gods people from all over the globe. It was a global assault. It was a virus in the original program. Even to this day it is corrupting Gods true message. That’s the whole point. That’s why God will never stop sending new messengers to the world. As long as that spirit keeps fucking his message up, he will keep sending someone to unfuck it.  Did I say MERRY CHRISTMAS YET?



 If God is real, then how can all this evil be happening? How can people be dying in war or from famine? I’m hearing this and I’m on the edge of my seat. I mean, I need a bucket of popcorn or something. I really want to know. Please help me understand God. That’s where I’m at with it. What do you really have to say about it?





Somewhere down the line this idea was falsely implanted into the game. The idea that God is a magic lamp that you can rub and all your wishes will magically just appear. That’s called a genie God view. It’s not the right view though. God doesn’t really want us to think he operates like that. I’m sure he could, but he doesn’t want you to think that way. God says this is one of the main reasons people lose faith. They expect him to operate like a Genie. Poof there it is or what I like to say “Whoomp there it is. Whoomp there it is. Whoomp there it is.” Lol. God said that’s the wrong view. God is not a Whoomp there it is God or like a genie.


 So, when you go through hardships and you are wondering where God is at, you lose faith because you feel like he couldn’t possibly be there. You feel abandoned. Then you actually blame God, then you say “there ain’t no God.” “It’s all bullshit.”


And God would completely understand how and why you feel that way. It’s because you have the incorrect expectation of him. You have an incorrect notion or view of how he operates. God gave me an example to help me understand how he wants us to think of it instead.


Think about someone who gets kicked out of their girlfriend or boyfriends house for cheating or something. They have nowhere to stay, they don’t have no money saved up. So, they decide to go and visit the parents (God). Hey mom Hey dad, I was wondering if I could crash here on the couch for a few days?”

The parents hug you; they are happy to see you, they feed you some grits and fried baloney, they show you love. You start feeling really good. You start feeling like everything is gonna be alright. You say to yourself, “Shit, mom and dad gonna take care of me. Whoomp there it is.” Right? That’s how we think of God sometimes. That’s what we expect, incorrectly.


Then your dad or mom (God) comes back around and begins her interrogation. So, what happened? What would you have done if I wasn’t here? Where would you have gone? How could you have prevented this from happening? Why didn’t you have money to go to a hotel? Why didn’t you have some money saved up? Why you still messing with that silly girl, I told you a thousand times she ain’t shit? Why didn’t you listen? Why aren’t you working?  And you sitting there going “uh uh uh uh well, I mean, why you asking me all these questions?” “She the bitch, not me.” And of course, you know your God is looking at you, like he’s really confused by your actions and your responses, and you feel offended and uncomfortable because you know deep down inside, your dad knows what time it is” She ain’t taking sides, he just knows you well enough to know your story is only about 77% true. You leaving some parts of the story out though. After all, you are trying to make yourself look good and your partner look bad right?


And then God begins his performance and states:

“As a parent and a father, It is my desire that you grow strong out here in the jungle of life. I do not want you to be a lion cub coming home every time you run into a snake in the jungle. I don’t want you to come running back here every time you get into a fight. I don’t want you coming back here looking for bail money every time you get caught up in some shit when you know you wrong. I want you to be strong. I want you to learn how to do these things for yourself. I want you to learn how to handle this stuff on your own. I’m robbing you of vital lessons that the jungle has to teach you if I keep just whoomping you, there it is, every time you get kicked out.” He continues:


“I’m not making you stronger, I’m making you weaker. I’m doing things for you that I need you to learn to do for yourself. I’m not interested in robbing you of the lessons life is teaching. I want you go through it, learn it, boss up, handle this shit. Don’t come around here again, unless you just coming to get some game or some knowledge, or dropping off some food, or money, or something like that. Come around like normal folks, just to hang out or talk. Stop expecting me to work a miracle in your life that you can create for yourself. God knows you can do it, but you won’t figure it out if he helps you. So, God makes the decision to NOT HELP YOU in order TO HELP YOU.  Damn, I need to write that down. Where’s my Crayola crayon set at?


 God says that this father has the proper attitude. This is the attitude he wants to convey to believers and non-believers alike “


And man, is God tired of being blamed for all the shit that’s going wrong in the world. I mean really tired of being blamed for it. I didn’t want to write this next part because it’s pretty rough. It’s profound. I’m just the messenger, but the message is from God, let’s just put it that way.


Some people are going to be uncomfortable with some of the stuff I’m getting ready to lay down, but God Deebo’d me a little when I was feeling uncomfortable about writing it. I guess I don’t want anyone to think that “I” am being insensitive when I write it. The last couple of paragraphs of the section under DON’T BLAME ME below is what I’m referencing (R.I.P Deebo.)


You need to do everything you can first, then do some more. You need to do the most. Do any and everything you can to solve the problem and handle that shit before you come knocking on my door expecting a miracle. 


I’m supposed to be more like emergency services, not just like a casual stroll through the park. You need to have both legs broken, both arms broken, and missing an ear, and an Eyeball, carrying a baby in a backpack, with one strap, and be shot nine times, then die, before you come asking me for a miracle. That’s a stretch but you know what I mean.


 I mean you have to fight until you can’t fight anymore, then fight some more, then get knocked out, wake up and fight even more, and get knocked out like two more times. Then and only then, have you actually proven that you are in possession of the crown and worthy of the benefits thereof. THEN you should activate the crown. If you are foul you don’t have the crown. Nobody’s coming. If you’ve been foul, nobody’s coming.


Even then, it’s a toss up depending on a few things I’m about to explain a little further down the page. That distress that you are in, when you are a believer, is like the batman signal, all God’s Angels perk up, sniff around and try and locate you. Your crown will activate because of the stress of fighting and being near your end. If you aren’t a believer though, you’ll just be stressed out, tired, afraid, and uncertain all the time.


Why? Because I love you and I don’t want you to be some entitled, spoiled, little prick or prickette, who has everything handed to him or her on a silver platter. I’m not trying to be your whoomp there it is man. I’m trying to make soldiers and lions, not weaklings. I don’t want you to be no punk. I don’t want you to be no disrespectful little brat running around here disrespecting your elders, thinking that I’m supposed to wave my magic wand for you just because you know me either.


Nobody likes disrespectful kids, and nobody likes their parents. I want you to be respected out here in the jungle and you can’t get it by being some punk ass disrespectful little brat who gets’ everything handed to him without any effort. Matter of fact, I’m gonna fire yo ass from a few jobs just to make sure you get a good education out here. I want you to be a strong man. I want you to be a strong woman. I want you to be a strong girl, I want you to be a strong boy, not a punk, not a Nellie Olsen. Not a Nubia Gross.


Matter of fact, I’m gonna make sure you get extra special attention. I don’t like the stigma of you being the son of the boss, or the princess of the king type shit.  Like you get special treatment. I want you to get worse. Because I want you to be stronger than the average person. One day you are going to represent me and I need you to be on point. Hopefully I don’t have to put you in the dog pound, but you know I’ll do it.


 I want you to have some character and some experiences and some knock downs or some hard knocks, to prevent you from becoming a prick. This will make you stronger, and it will help you learn how to treat people.  I want you to be humiliated, and humbled, uncomfortable, and even bruised and battered. I want you to win some fights and lose some fights from time to time to keep you from being an asshole. I want you to learn out here in the jungle and running back to me every time the shit falls apart expecting a miracle isn’t the right way. You want some bail money? Save some and give it to me. Then we can talk. Matter of fact, give it to your momma, because I’ll spend it on a bag of weed. But that’s besides the point.


I have game, I have knowledge for you. It’s up to you to use it though. You have to do the work. I have the blueprint. I have the plan. I have education, instruction, advice, truth, and knowledge for you. You gotta handle that shit though, I want you to be a boss, not a lion cub or a lioness cub. I want you to feel the pain, hurt, heartache, heartbreak, betrayal, loss, devastation, dissatisfaction, frustration, awkwardness of the whole game. You will be a better man for it. You will be a better woman for it. And if you are somewhere in between, you’ll be a better she-man for it. I don’t give a damn about all that.


 This false belief that your relationship with God is one of you rubbing a magic lamp and then all your dreams magically come true, without you having to do a thing is a big reason why people don’t believe. They’ve tried rubbing the lamp, they prayed, went to church, and nothing happened. They still lost. Loved one’s still got murdered, died, left, got harmed. You still got betrayed. You still got your heart broke. You still broke or struggling. I rubbed that damn lamp feverishly and Womp Womp Womp, nothing happened. Another non believer is born. The devil is satisfied, his plan and his false doctrine have succeeded in robbing yet another person of their faith, the crown, and their belief in God.


The expectation that things will just fall in your lap because you know God or because you are saved, is very detrimental to you.  I’ve heard that ask and you shall receive stuff. Well, whatever that is about, God’s message for you today is it’s time to evolve that thinking. You have to have the right effort in the jungle of life. Without effort you have no connection to God. You most likely will not, just simply receive because you request it. NOPE. You need to start thinking more like the father who gave the lecture to the wayward son in the example above. MERRY CHRISTMAS. Anybody truly sent from God, following god, and wanting to be down with God is going to hear the Angels say.


Carry on my wayward son (or daughter)

There’ll be peace when you are done

Lay your weary head to rest

Don’t you cry no more.



Martin Luther King heard it. Every minister hears it. Jesus heard it. Every person being crucified for God’s sake will hear it.  Buddha heard it; Muhammed heard it. Every martyr hears it. Every prophet hears it. Every soldier wearing the crown of faith hears it before battle. Every believer going into battle or facing hardship hears it. Mary heard it. Joseph heard it. Every believer taking a stand against some form of injustice or discrimination hears it. Every good cop who is a believer hears it. Every good Judge hears it. Every good mother hears it. Every good father hears it. Every good child hears it. The wise men heard it. Every good president hears it. Every good government hears it.  Every believer hears it.


Give your life to God, don’t expect a miracle, instead expect a mission. Every person who possesses the crown of faith, will hear it. You truly want to know God? Don’t come with your hands out, come asking what you can do? How can you join the fight against injustice and evil? What does God want you to do? How can you help? That is the proper spirit. Do you come to me for healing or for money? Come, but what will you give me in return? I want your loyalty. I want you to join the squad. Let’s make a deal.


When you are in a fucked-up situation and you can’t see your way out. You’ve lost someone to death or murder and you instantly believe God has left you. God is not there. You get fired, lose your job. You lose your crown because you can no longer believe that there is “God.” You can only see anger, revenge, sadness, rage, and you feel like, “My child was just murdered, my loved one just died senselessly, my life is all fucked up and no one came to save me. This is all bullshit. There is no God.”


“If there was a God, then why would this happen?”




God doesn’t lead everyone. Only those who believe, only those who are righteous. Some people can’t understand God or even understand his movement or see him moving. God set it up that way. Everyone won’t be able to understand and actually aren’t worthy to understand. They don’t believe, aren’t fair, aren’t righteous. God will leave them blind. God won’t lead them. God will lead those who possess the crown of faith, God will lead those who want a crown, he’ll leads those who show they are ready to really be down and not just clown around.







Before you jump the gun to blame God for all the ills in the world, let’s reconsider some things. You ever notice that when a family member of someone slain speaks about them, they always say how good they were. They say things like, “She was an angel.” “She would help anyone.” “She nursed orphaned cinnamon rolls back to health.” “She was a god send.” “When she farted, rainbow-colored butterflies flew out the back of her ass.” “She was sooooo damn good.” That is certainly true for some people, there are some beautiful people in the world, but that can’t be true EVERYBODY now. That just ain’t the case.


 In reality, she was so foul, she smelled worse than 8 pounds of hot zebra shit, in an elevator, travelling slowly, to the 18th floor, with no stops in between, and you’re the only other passenger in the car.”  That kind of foul.  No butterflies, no cinnamon rolls, definitely wasn’t good, had no good in her. Actually, she was evil, racist, hateful, backstabbing, manipulative, jealous, envious, plotting, destructive, murderous, conniving, lecherous, arrogant, stuck up, unfair, funky as hell and rotten to the bone” So you may feel like, “man that’s fucked up that she got killed like that.” But how much of this did she really bring on herself though? Did she really not deserve what happened to her? How many people has she shit on in her past? Did that shit finally catch up with her? Before you go blaming god for the loss of a loved one to some bullshit, ask yourself a question.


 Was He or She REALLY farting rainbow-colored butterflies in a previous life? Or was she a demon and now she’s getting her payback in this life? Or what about her parents? Are her parents currently racist, evil, conniving, backstabbing, hateful ass people? Have they brought this evil to their front doors? Were you a thrill killer in a former life? Have they shown little or no concern for taking food out of children’s mouths by fucking with the children’s parents and treating them unfairly?  God will show you how it feels.


Karma will catch that ass at some point. So, don’t be so quick to say, “There is no god, how could God let this happen?” or “If there was a God, this wouldn’t be happening.”  

Be quicker to say, “there might be some payback going on; some Real Karma from a previous existence, still lingering around you, like a fart that won’t go away.  Say, “All the people you shit on and treated unkindly and unjustly are on your ass now.” Say, “They are in fact, riding with you. You just don’t know it.” Say, “This ain’t God’s fault.”


Remember that, the next time you see some of them people on that bullshit talking about how good so and so was, when you know they lying. Don’t be so quick to point the finger at God. More often than not, the source of the tragedy, downfall, loss, or unfortunate circumstance may actually have begun with the victim themselves or their family, in this life or one previous.


 Is it possible that EVERY bad thing that we experience in life isn’t random at all? Is it possible that our existence is more like Orange is the New Black, but we don’t realize it?  Is it possible that God is the warden, and karma is our sentence? If that’s the case, then we now have to rethink what Angels really are.


I’ve come to understand that normally, if a human encounters and Angel in its full glory, in full form, they’d shit themselves and die from a heart attack, fright or fear. And if they are working near you and don’t want to harm you, they change their appearance or don’t’ let you know they are there at all. It’s all to protect you because a lot of times your mind can’t handle what you are seeing. And it wasn’t really meant to handle it either.  


When we pray are we really just submitting a request to the Warden for something? Is that where the term “Mercy” comes from? Why would you be asking God for mercy? Maybe it’s because he’s the only one that can give you relief while you serve out your sentence here on earth? Aren’t there politics, sex, drugs, alcohol, police, crime, guards, living quarters, food, medicine, partying, families, celebrations, authority figures, idols, the rich and the poor, etc. in prison? Stand where you are, take a good look around. Take your time. Tell me where you think you are. Is that why Buddha always says, “life is suffering?” Is that really what he meant? That life is a karmic sentence you serve here on earth? Why would someone be sentenced to 2 life sentences or 200 years?  


Honestly God’s response to people constantly blaming him for the ills in the world, is really quite Donald Trump-esque, “Fake News.” Y’all making up shit about me that I don’t have anything to do with. Maybe you had something to do with it. This is literally what God was Deeboing me about. Making sure I say this loud and clear. Maybe this has more to do with you than God.


 How about every fucked up thing you see, from crippled babies, crack babies, blind people, or freak accidents, murder, house fires, deaf, dumb, disfigured, starvation, etc. Every Ill thing in the world. Is it possible that there is actually some order behind it all? Is there some sort of divine mathematical program imbedded in the software of our universe behind that which we consider to be random or chaotic?


Were you just unlucky and someone else lucky? Or is there actually something else behind it all? Is it possible that a true system based on merit, being fair, being righteous, treating people and animals with kindness, spiritual development, etc., is in play? Have you ever noticed how some animals seem to have really human eyes or human like expressions or ways about themselves? Is it possible that they were humans before and were so animalistic in how they behaved, that they were sentenced to live as animals? Were they spiritually demoted? If you can progress spiritually, you can regress spiritually too. Linking up with God will prevent you from going backwards. Would you make a good barnyard goat in a future life? How’s that goat milk? Maybe you’d make a good slithering snake? Or a crab or a spider. Is that why the Buddhist monks try hard not to kill even the smallest insect if possible? Or a cow. You’d make good burrito meat.


Is karma actually what has been determining things like, who gets drafted into the next war and who doesn’t? Who dies in war and who doesn’t? Who gets killed in a car accident? Who gets maimed? Who gets fired and who doesn’t? Who gets a cool boss and who gets the worse boss? Who has a tree fall on their heads and who doesn’t? Who gets cancer? Whose plane crashes and who’s plane doesn’t crash? Who survives it? Who doesn’t?


What about Covid? Everybody doesn’t get it, everyone doesn’t die from it, but some people do? Did God do that? How is the universe determining who gets what and who doesn’t? Who succumbs to drug addiction and who doesn’t? Who get’s kidnapped and who doesn’t? Are incurable diseases or terminal illnesses in fact, God’s hitmen? Are natural disasters actually God’s goons? Who or what truly determines how shit plays out? Is there some real order to this shit after all? Have we all been bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray, run amok? Laugh now? Cry later? Is it possible?


 Even if this is the case then why would there even be a need for something like God?

 This machine of the universe can run on autopilot, right?  God is the warden, right? God is the judge correct? We are in some crazy episode of Orange is the New black right? Then God can give you some relief. He can grant you an early release for good behavior. Linking up with God will prevent you from going backwards. He can maybe send you to a better dorm. Give you more peace. Give you more free time. Let you out altogether. Dismiss all your charges. That’s why you should want God in your life. God said, and I quote: It ain’t my fault. Just like Silk the Shocker and Mystikal. It ain’t my fault 2, did I do that? Or did you?


How would you feel if someone harmed your child? Or raped your child? Or Murdered your child? You’d be out for blood, right? But, isn’t everybody somebody’s child? Does God have children? You don’t want anyone mistreating you or yours, but it’s ok for you to shit on whoever? What the fuck is you smoking? Anyway, pray for me, I’m pretty sure this little message is filled with grammatical errors, misspellings or mistakes. Hopefully you still understood what I was trying to say. Don’t get hung up on the little stuff.



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